Credit Cards

There have been many bad inventions in America over the last 50 years, however none have left such a negative impact as credit cards. How ingenious they are, yet how horrible they can be. This statement literally describes the effect of Credit cards on the American people.

Personally I think they are dangerous and I don’t even have mine yet. My dad constantly tells me to use my debit card for as long as I can. I know eventually one day I will have to get one so i can hopefully obtain a good credit score and be able to take out loans for a car and a house. However, to that day comes I will gladly take my dads advice and use cash or my debit card.

Let me clear things up. The problem doesn’t rely within the credit cards themselves, but with the people that use them. Arguably though, the convenience and power behind a simple swipe of the card doesn’t make it less attractive to use. All in all it would take an ignorant human being to blame their credit card debt on the credit card itself.

What people need to realize is how easy it is to use credit card when making purchases. Unlike with debit cards, there is no limit and within a matter of time you will start using money you don’t even have. Credit cards have too much power for some people to handle, and unfortunately it can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly and unwisely.What makes things worse is many Americans own more than one credit card, which means they bury themselves in even more debt.

Another negative effect of credit cards are their vulnerability. It is so easy for someone to steal you credit card information and even your identity. Identity theft is a rising problem in American society today and it’s getting harder and harder to dodge.

Credit cards are extremely helpful and are viable replacement to carrying large amounts of cash. If Americans are smart and make good conscious decisions, credit cards will never be a problem. Unfortunately we don’t live in an imaginary world, so that will never happen.


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