College and Student Debt

College in general is essential to the growth and expansion of American Society. That being said the whole process and setup of college is naturally flawed. Obviously the result of graduating from college with a degree in your field of study can be rewarding, it can also be hell. Yes hell!

With college tuition skyrocketing, student debt has called shotgun. That’s right! Student debt is at an all time high, surpassing credit car, mortgage and auto debt. You know its bad when something is worse than American credit card spending.

Yes, college is important and I would never say it is not worth it. However, I would definitely say college is not the only option for high school graduates. Honestly as a freshman in college myself, I feel like I’m still in high school with added freedom. The classes are a little harder, but I’m still forced to take pointless classes that have will ultimately have no impact on my life. I just had four years of this, I didn’t come to college for an extension of high school. Rather I applied to college with the intent on elevating and expanding my knowledge base with brand new learning.

Brace yourself for the harsh reality, a college degree is not the only option anymore. It is in fact a very good thing to have because most employers require it, but here in America anyone can be their own boss. Currently in America, business is soaring as Americans are rapidly starting their own companies. Some of them with college degrees, others with not even a high school degree. Anyone with an idea can expand it into their business and if it is good enough they can make thousands to millions of dollars.

Another “consequence” to going to college is not being able to find a job after you graduate. Wait that doesn’t make any sense. Students cannot possibly go into thousands and thousands of dollars in debt only to not land a job in their field of study. Well that’s okay because they can just work at McDonald’s and never pay off their debt, or retire at 80 years old.

College is crucial in American society, but should it be our only option?


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