Gasoline Consumption

Everyday millions of Americans drive to work every day. Little do they know all the negative effects and impacts it has on our society.

First off the use of gasoline is horrible for the environment. To make things worse is how much gasoline Americans use in a year. Most people today are filling up their car or truck at least once a week, a rate that is extremely dangerous for the environment. Every time we start up our vehicles we are contributing to Global Warming because our they emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. After a while these harmful gasses that have been stored in our atmosphere start to break up the ozone layer. This is very bad because the ozone layer is very important in protecting us from harmful radiation from the sun’s rays. The ozone layer also helps to regulate and keep our climate stable. A depletion in it ultimately leads to a much warmer climate, posing threats to several ecosystems and the animals within them.

Another problem with an increase in gasoline consumption is a faster exhaustion of it because gasoline is a fossil fuel. Gasoline is a nonrenewable resource and eventually America and the world will have no more left. This will severely affect the global economy, especially that of the Middle East. America is in dire need of an alternative fuel to replace gasoline so are future generations don’t get screwed. Natural gas, coal, ethanol, and algae are all viable alternatives we should consider.

Lastly an increase in gasoline consumption most likely means more and more Americans are relying on cars for transportation. Even if they are only going very short distances they will take a car instead of walking, running, or biking. Americans are way too lazy these days and its becoming a very big problem as obesity rates are skyrocketing.


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