Excessive Use of Technology

I just want to come out and say that technology is good and that America needs it to compete as a nation. However, I don’t agree with the degree in which kids and adults abuse them. There becomes a point when enough is literally enough.

Technology is obviously a necessity when talking about improving our economy and making the everyday lives of people less challenging and complicated. In spite of this, technology is also one of America’s greatest downfalls as well. With so much power in the palm of our hands, Americans subconsciously ask themselves several questions throughout their daily routine.Why read a book when I can watch t.v?  Why study when I can look up answers on your phone and cheat? Why not text somebody when I’m driving if my phone is right next to me? Why not spend all day starring mindlessly at my phone looking at social media?

The real question is, why waste your life away when you can do something actually productive? In reality technology is constantly making Americans more and more lazy. The rate of childhood obesity is increasing at extreme rates because kids are no longer interested in playing outside when they can play their video games inside. This to me is truly sad because as a kid, all I wanted to do was go outside. A good example portraying this image is the movie Grown Ups. Even though its a beautiful day outside at the camp, all the kids stay inside playing on their phones and watching t.v. because that is what they have grown to know.

Another big issue with technology is texting when driving. Every year too many Americans are dying because people are so stupid and use their phone instead of paying attention to the road. I know people are more at fault for this horrendous statistic, but it is because they are using technology.

Technology is very important, but unless it is used properly it can turn into a massive problem.


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