America, a nation once called “the land of the free, and the home of the brave”, has sadly turned into the land of the unemployed, and the home of the impoverished. Unfortunately America’s economy is not what it used to be and our society is suffering because of it.

Remember when a job used to mean something? If we went back in time to America ten years ago we can see a prosperous economy with a low unemployment rate and stable prices. More importantly back then getting a job meant you were set for life until you wanted to retire. Now a days Americans have to go through hell to find a job and then go to work everyday holding their breath and praying that they still have it when they get home. What ever happened to job security in America? Americans are more stressed and under more pressure than ever, which leads to lower productiveness and a higher suicide rate. Unfortunately many of these people that are suffering from this monumental issue have to watch their kids go through it.

Another problem that arises from our poor economy is discouraged college students. Kids grow up learning that to succeed in life they must get a good education by going to college. This education they are told will then eventually turn into a career that they can depend on. However, they quickly find out that they have been lied to their whole life because jobs are so hard to find today. Still these kids go to college because that is what will help them succeed in life. Reality is these kids succeed in burying themselves in thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, with no job offer in the near future. Instead of getting a job based on their college degree, they finally give in and take a job at their local McDonalds because they have to pay off their student loans.

The sad truth is that America cannot move forward in the world when our economy is moving backwards!


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