Role Models

Every day people turn on their T.V.s to watch their favorite actor/actress, or favorite athlete. People expect to see a great performance whether its on a show or during a sports game by this person. What people don’t think about is their “idol’s” performance outside the environment they have come to love them in. These professionals on T.V. should also be professional outside their profession that most people see them in. In fact these actors/actresses and athletes should be held to a higher standard¬† because so many of us look up to them as role models.

Unfortunately all we hear about is all horrendous stuff that these stars are doing outside of T.V. The list ranges from drug abuse, to drinking addictions, to domestic violence. Two people that recently fall under the domestic abuse category are Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson; both of which are running backs in the NFL. The million dollar question is why would these to elite football players commit such heinous crimes to people they are supposed to love.

The first of these two athletes to get into trouble was Ray Rice. About a month ago a video was released of him dragging his wife out of an elevator at their hotel. It is later released that Ray beat his wife unconscious over a verbal dispute. Are you kidding me! This is just absolutely ridiculous. To think of all the people he hurt; his family, his friends, his teammates, his fans, and the people that look up to him as a role model. Quite a role model he is. He deserves to get banned from the NFL indefinitely because he is not only a disgrace to the league by a complete disgrace to our society.

Right when things couldn’t get any worse Adrian Peterson is in the news for spanking his son. My first thought was “come on that’s just parenting”, but then I found out what actually happened. Adrian Peterson spanked his son in public with a tree branch. As soon as this hit national news Adrian Peterson, like Ray Rice, was dropped from his team. What I don’t understand is that he committed this awful crime to the person he chose to bring into this world. Adrian Peterson, a role model to millions, is just another disgrace.

Role models is what helps people get through their day. How are these people supposed to keep moving when the person they look up to is a dishonor to society!


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