College and Student Debt

College in general is essential to the growth and expansion of American Society. That being said the whole process and setup of college is naturally flawed. Obviously the result of graduating from college with a degree in your field of study can be rewarding, it can also be hell. Yes hell!

With college tuition skyrocketing, student debt has called shotgun. That’s right! Student debt is at an all time high, surpassing credit car, mortgage and auto debt. You know its bad when something is worse than American credit card spending.

Yes, college is important and I would never say it is not worth it. However, I would definitely say college is not the only option for high school graduates. Honestly as a freshman in college myself, I feel like I’m still in high school with added freedom. The classes are a little harder, but I’m still forced to take pointless classes that have will ultimately have no impact on my life. I just had four years of this, I didn’t come to college for an extension of high school. Rather I applied to college with the intent on elevating and expanding my knowledge base with brand new learning.

Brace yourself for the harsh reality, a college degree is not the only option anymore. It is in fact a very good thing to have because most employers require it, but here in America anyone can be their own boss. Currently in America, business is soaring as Americans are rapidly starting their own companies. Some of them with college degrees, others with not even a high school degree. Anyone with an idea can expand it into their business and if it is good enough they can make thousands to millions of dollars.

Another “consequence” to going to college is not being able to find a job after you graduate. Wait that doesn’t make any sense. Students cannot possibly go into thousands and thousands of dollars in debt only to not land a job in their field of study. Well that’s okay because they can just work at McDonald’s and never pay off their debt, or retire at 80 years old.

College is crucial in American society, but should it be our only option?


Gasoline Consumption

Everyday millions of Americans drive to work every day. Little do they know all the negative effects and impacts it has on our society.

First off the use of gasoline is horrible for the environment. To make things worse is how much gasoline Americans use in a year. Most people today are filling up their car or truck at least once a week, a rate that is extremely dangerous for the environment. Every time we start up our vehicles we are contributing to Global Warming because our they emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. After a while these harmful gasses that have been stored in our atmosphere start to break up the ozone layer. This is very bad because the ozone layer is very important in protecting us from harmful radiation from the sun’s rays. The ozone layer also helps to regulate and keep our climate stable. A depletion in it ultimately leads to a much warmer climate, posing threats to several ecosystems and the animals within them.

Another problem with an increase in gasoline consumption is a faster exhaustion of it because gasoline is a fossil fuel. Gasoline is a nonrenewable resource and eventually America and the world will have no more left. This will severely affect the global economy, especially that of the Middle East. America is in dire need of an alternative fuel to replace gasoline so are future generations don’t get screwed. Natural gas, coal, ethanol, and algae are all viable alternatives we should consider.

Lastly an increase in gasoline consumption most likely means more and more Americans are relying on cars for transportation. Even if they are only going very short distances they will take a car instead of walking, running, or biking. Americans are way too lazy these days and its becoming a very big problem as obesity rates are skyrocketing.

Excessive Use of Technology

I just want to come out and say that technology is good and that America needs it to compete as a nation. However, I don’t agree with the degree in which kids and adults abuse them. There becomes a point when enough is literally enough.

Technology is obviously a necessity when talking about improving our economy and making the everyday lives of people less challenging and complicated. In spite of this, technology is also one of America’s greatest downfalls as well. With so much power in the palm of our hands, Americans subconsciously ask themselves several questions throughout their daily routine.Why read a book when I can watch t.v?¬† Why study when I can look up answers on your phone and cheat? Why not text somebody when I’m driving if my phone is right next to me? Why not spend all day starring mindlessly at my phone looking at social media?

The real question is, why waste your life away when you can do something actually productive? In reality technology is constantly making Americans more and more lazy. The rate of childhood obesity is increasing at extreme rates because kids are no longer interested in playing outside when they can play their video games inside. This to me is truly sad because as a kid, all I wanted to do was go outside. A good example portraying this image is the movie Grown Ups. Even though its a beautiful day outside at the camp, all the kids stay inside playing on their phones and watching t.v. because that is what they have grown to know.

Another big issue with technology is texting when driving. Every year too many Americans are dying because people are so stupid and use their phone instead of paying attention to the road. I know people are more at fault for this horrendous statistic, but it is because they are using technology.

Technology is very important, but unless it is used properly it can turn into a massive problem.


America, a nation once called “the land of the free, and the home of the brave”, has sadly turned into the land of the unemployed, and the home of the impoverished. Unfortunately America’s economy is not what it used to be and our society is suffering because of it.

Remember when a job used to mean something? If we went back in time to America ten years ago we can see a prosperous economy with a low unemployment rate and stable prices. More importantly back then getting a job meant you were set for life until you wanted to retire. Now a days Americans have to go through hell to find a job and then go to work everyday holding their breath and praying that they still have it when they get home. What ever happened to job security in America? Americans are more stressed and under more pressure than ever, which leads to lower productiveness and a higher suicide rate. Unfortunately many of these people that are suffering from this monumental issue have to watch their kids go through it.

Another problem that arises from our poor economy is discouraged college students. Kids grow up learning that to succeed in life they must get a good education by going to college. This education they are told will then eventually turn into a career that they can depend on. However, they quickly find out that they have been lied to their whole life because jobs are so hard to find today. Still these kids go to college because that is what will help them succeed in life. Reality is these kids succeed in burying themselves in thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, with no job offer in the near future. Instead of getting a job based on their college degree, they finally give in and take a job at their local McDonalds because they have to pay off their student loans.

The sad truth is that America cannot move forward in the world when our economy is moving backwards!

Role Models

Every day people turn on their T.V.s to watch their favorite actor/actress, or favorite athlete. People expect to see a great performance whether its on a show or during a sports game by this person. What people don’t think about is their “idol’s” performance outside the environment they have come to love them in. These professionals on T.V. should also be professional outside their profession that most people see them in. In fact these actors/actresses and athletes should be held to a higher standard¬† because so many of us look up to them as role models.

Unfortunately all we hear about is all horrendous stuff that these stars are doing outside of T.V. The list ranges from drug abuse, to drinking addictions, to domestic violence. Two people that recently fall under the domestic abuse category are Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson; both of which are running backs in the NFL. The million dollar question is why would these to elite football players commit such heinous crimes to people they are supposed to love.

The first of these two athletes to get into trouble was Ray Rice. About a month ago a video was released of him dragging his wife out of an elevator at their hotel. It is later released that Ray beat his wife unconscious over a verbal dispute. Are you kidding me! This is just absolutely ridiculous. To think of all the people he hurt; his family, his friends, his teammates, his fans, and the people that look up to him as a role model. Quite a role model he is. He deserves to get banned from the NFL indefinitely because he is not only a disgrace to the league by a complete disgrace to our society.

Right when things couldn’t get any worse Adrian Peterson is in the news for spanking his son. My first thought was “come on that’s just parenting”, but then I found out what actually happened. Adrian Peterson spanked his son in public with a tree branch. As soon as this hit national news Adrian Peterson, like Ray Rice, was dropped from his team. What I don’t understand is that he committed this awful crime to the person he chose to bring into this world. Adrian Peterson, a role model to millions, is just another disgrace.

Role models is what helps people get through their day. How are these people supposed to keep moving when the person they look up to is a dishonor to society!