Music is an art form, therefore it is completely subjective, and there really is no right or wrong. So feel free to disagree with me, but I think that today’s music isn’t anywhere near the quality that it used to be. When music was first beginning to become more contemporary, it was being made simply for the love of it. Take “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, for example. This song, along with most of The Beatles’ discography, was an instant hit. But it was a meaningful song with a message, and that’s why it is still listened to today. True music is timeless, and the majority of today’s hits are watered down melodies with the same degrading message, which is mainly materialism.

Most people my age are really into hip-hop/rap. Don’t get me wrong, I love rap music, but only to a certain extent. Most of the stuff on the radio stations have at least some rap elements to them, but the message is missing. In the eighties and nineties, what is known as “the hip hop golden age”, there was a strong message to the music. The message was about rising above all the negativity in the world, and about having a positive impact. The style of hip hop today is nowhere near what it used to be; in my opinion, it shouldn’t even be called hip-hop anymore. Today’s rap music is stagnant and dry, with the same basic topics. These themes are shallow. Most “rappers” stick to the topics of drugs, money, and pardon my language, the hoes.

Music has become an industry these days, rather than an art. It is ruled by corrupt record companies, and the majority of listeners of modern music are young kids without much musical knowledge. Music needs to move back towards it roots, and record companies need to change their view. There is still good music out there, you just have to look a little harder to find it. But the majority of today’s hits are sending out the wrong messages to people who are easily influenced. We need groups like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. We need rappers like Nas and Common. Instead, we have artists like Chief Kief, who do nothing but spread corruption.


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