Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses,”? Today’s equivalent, I think, would be something along the lines of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. In the 1950’s, the United States was thriving, and was at the beginning of a new part in history. The U.S. had just won World War II, and the Cold War with the Soviet Union was starting to heat up. No one wanted to be viewed as a communist, and soon conformity was the trend of the nation.

People no longer wanted to stand out, but instead wanted to fit in. Since the 50’s, this trend of conformity has gotten stronger, to the point of mindless following. I notice that a lot of people are more concerned in acting how they think other people want them to be, rather than following their own heart and mind. This has led to problems in our country, and probably will continue to do so in the future.

Take global warming, for example. We have known for a long time that pollution is a serious issue, and that it is leading to irreversible change to our climate. But if everyone doesn’t really care that much, why should I, right? More action is being taken now that we really see the cold hard facts, but people still shrug it off because they see other people doing it. I remember hearing a story about a murder where no one called the police, because they all assumed someone else would. Can you see the parallels?

A major problem that I see in today’s society is the level of conformity. Everyone wants to fit in, yes, but there needs to be a limit to that mindset. For how can we ever make change and move forward, if we are all constantly trying to be the same?


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