America’s Education System

It’s truly sad to think of how flawed education in America is today.

However, if you asked some of your family, friends, and/or colleagues they might beg to differ.

In fact I’d say that a lot of Americans see education as something that is improving. This is not even true when compared to the economy, as both show a similar declining trend. As much as America’s economy might be heading in the wrong direction, we are also quickly and abruptly falling behind many countries in math, science, and reading. These are all areas that America used to be a top scorer in.

Why is this happening then?

The simple answer, that anyone currently enrolled in some sort of mid to high level schooling system could tell you, is too much pressure. Close behind in second is ultimately a lack of motivation.

Why are students in America today feeling pressured and less motivated?

To list a few reasons, because I could go on and on……..


  1. Insanely high cost for private grade level schools and almost all four year colleges.
  2. Common core system, now implemented in 46 of the 50 states (Number of states may be reduced).
  3. Insanely high stakes on tests such as the SAT and ACT.
  4. Lack of freedom to choose subjects until high school and college.
  5. GRADES!
  6. Social media and new technology.
  7. Poor economy = Harder time finding jobs.


Pressure build up:

If education is so principal in today’s society, why is it that the majority of Americans cannot afford it? Students in high school can study all the time, and work non-stop to get into the college of their dreams. Unfortunately for most of them this means a nightmare of debt. America is practically penalizing students who choose to further their education by charging them insane amounts of money to attend college. If being thousands and thousands of dollars in debt isn’t pressure, then I don’t know what is.

Another huge pressure, for high school students in particular, are grades and test scores (SAT/ACT). Not only are colleges these days extremely expensive, but they are getting more and more selective. Without nearly perfect grades and extremely high SAT or ACT test scores, some colleges are practically impossible to get into. That just isn’t fair to students who may not be the best test takers. In fact often times these students don’t do as well as they can on the tests because of the pressure that is on them to achieve that target score. Check out the video below.


Lack of motivation:

With the economy like how it is today, why should students be motivated to get a good education only to be unemployed, or underemployed? All kids hear about in the news is an increasing unemployment rate and how hard it is to not only find a job, but keeping it as well. The advice we get from our parents is “good luck.”

Social media is probably the biggest cause for a lack of motivation in school for students. Why pay attention to the teacher or professor, when you can see what’s trending on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Am I right? No, but seriously technology is pushing us backward at the same time its “improving” our society. There’s no more motivation to take notes or study for a test when you can just pull out your phone and cheat.

An Ideal education:

No offense to teachers, but students need classes that have a meaning and will help them in their lives. It’s hard to believe that some of my most meaningful classes have been electives, like home and careers, and production.


Students in America should have to take mandatory classes that teach them important life lessons, not a subject that they will forget completely by the end of the year.

Such mandatory classes include:

  1. How to pay taxes
  2. How to spend and save money (Using credit cards wisely/ Setting up multiple savings accounts like 401K)
  3. Investing in stocks
  4. Public speaking
  5. How to build up a résumé/ How to excel in an interview
  6. Life after school and what to expect

Unfortunately education will only get worse and worse for our children and grandchildren unless things change. More people are dropping out of school than ever and poverty will only increase.


The world is changing every day, maybe its time for education to do so as well. Visit link below.


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